We place a high value on prayer. Jesus modeled a life that was centered on prayer. As His followers, we too want to center our lives around our relationship with Father God. Here are few opportunities for you to join with us.

Per-Service Prayer begins on Sunday mornings at 9:30 – 9:55am.

The Prayer Chain ministry is facilitated by Jasmine Newell. If you have a particular need, we want to pray for you. Contact and briefly tell us what you are asking God to do in the situation. We will get word out to a group of intercessors who have committed to pray for every need. We’ve heard many testimonies of answered prayer as we have agreed together in powerful prayer.

Ministry Prayer Team is an incredible team of dedicated people who serve the congregation at the conclusion of our services. You are encouraged to come forward for personal prayer ministry whenever you feel a need to receive.

The Meeting Room, is open every Tuesday night from 7-8pm for anyone who wants to come spend time with the Lord, for listening, praying, worshiping … whatever your spirit needs of His presence, it’s available to you. The Meeting Room is also available during normal office hours. Call to confirm that someone will be at the church to let you in.