We love our city in practical ways: 

Adopting an Elementary school

… is one way we've chosen to extend the reach of God's love. Practical, hands on ministry such as donating a truckload of paper to the office at the beginning of the year when they were in desperate need; giving poinsettia plants at Christmas to staff members; assisting in parent nights by setting up chairs, serving food and organizing lost and found items; and gifts given at the end of the year to every staff member are just a few of the ways we were able to show the love of God.

Food Pantry

We provide food every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month for those in need. If you wish to receive from this ministry call the church leaving your full name, how many adults are in the household, and how many children. We will take care of the rest. No ID is necessary.

We are open from 12:00-12:30PM. Your groceries will already be bagged and ready for pickup.