Renewed Memories

Wouldn’t it be nice if all our bad, painful memories and thoughts were just erased when we got saved? Imagine if they were just rolled up and “poof” gone.


Though it sounds nice I think it would result in us just being somewhat robotic and mechanical in our lives. The events of our past and our memories make us human and become part of who we are. Then, as we grow in the Lord and bring each memory, each hurt, each traumatic event to Him, we are bringing ourselves to Him as an offering. A sacrificial offering giving Him those things and receiving His loving redemption and healing restoration.


Then, as we walk in victory and joy and in His presence in spite of the enemy’s attempts to take us out, to infect us with hurt, hatred and discouragement – we are the testimony of Jesus giving hope, healing and help to so many others! We become those who are ‘to the praise of His glory’!


With our minds being renewed to ‘think on these things’ and our hearts being healed we can love ourselves as well as others. With our mouths restored to speak faith, hope and grace to any who hear us and our actions communicating Father’s love, our anointing will grow setting the captive free and healing the brokenhearted!


Let’s rejoice in His grace renewing our minds!



Debbie Fuller