Just Thinking…

Do you believe you can change? Or, like me, when you repeat an old pattern of behavior, do your thoughts sound like this?

“See, you can’t change. Give up. It’s not so bad. You haven’t got it in you. It’s always going to be a fight – and you can’t win.”

You can change! When someone said this to me recently, I had an “aha!” moment. I realized that I needed convincing – because I didn’t believe it. So, I said it out loud a few times,

I CAN change.



I have a dry erase calendar on the wall by my desk, and I wrote it on the calendar [so I see it every day]. You can change!

But, how?  Honestly, I am just learning this myself and I’m happy to share what I’m learning.  Oftentimes we want to change, but we don’t have a clear picture of what “future me” looks like.  For me, the first step was repentance.  Bet you didn’t think that was what I’d say.

I had to come to a dead stop and look around. I needed to see where I was and how I’d gotten there. Then I made the decision that I didn’t want to keep traveling in the same direction.  If you’ll do this, you’ll be well on your way to becoming who you want to be, who you are destined to be. For me, this meant a big adjustment to my route and my focus.

Unlike me, you may already be headed in the right direction but still frustrated with the lack of progress in certain areas of life, such as: spiritual or inner personal growth, physical well-being, financial stability, relational health, etc.  Wherever you are on your journey, if you’re stuck, it’s good to stop and have a look around.  As a spirit-filled Christian, the only way I know to do this is to get alone with God, a pen and notebook, and ask Holy Spirit to show me where I am, how I got there, and how to get where I want/need to go. 

I would not be honest if I didn’t tell you that I received some extra help.  The Lord connected me with a man named Shawn Blanc [shawnblanc.net].  Shawn was offering 2 free online courses: The Elements of Focus, and the Creative Focus Summit.  The principles Shawn and others shared and discussed have been used by the Lord to get me headed in the right direction.  I’ve found clarity and traction in my life.  For you, there may be another direction or resource. But I cannot pretend I managed to get my life focus back because I’m such a clever person. I’ve hit dead ends and personal resistance for 67 years, and now I can joyfully say that is all behind me [and I’ve removed the rearview mirror!]

Wrapping up…I’ve been reading 1 & 2 Peter repeatedly in the last few weeks, and one thought keeps surfacing. This is Peter – and he changed! I looked back at Acts 1 this morning, and there I saw the first glimmer of change. In verse 15, the disciples, about 120 in all, were together in prayer…and Peter stood up and addressed them all.  He begins to lead them, as brothers and sisters. He begins to step into his destiny - humbly, confidently, powerfully, and with wisdom. Peter. Changed.

I can change. You can change. Believe it. Begin now.

Thank you for thinking along with me.

Marjorie Clark, 1/18/17

Debbie Fuller